Dog Days of Summer  05/01/18 8:46:21 AM

The Dog Days of Summer Program is a group averaging program designed to sell committed bushels determined by the producer at the close of each trading day during the designated time period.  This program is designed for fall delivery.
The producer decides how many bushels to commit to this program for the 2018 crop and the delivery month.  The grain producer understands that delivery is required on bushels that are priced in the Dog Days of Summer Program to a location mutually agreeable to both buyer and seller for the account of the producer and Prairie Creek Grain Company, Inc.
The program prices the corn (December futures) and soybeans (November Futures) at the close of the market each day the market is trading with contract options available of a Cash Contract (No fee) or an HTA Contract (3 cent fee for corn and 5 cents for soybeans).
Bushels will be priced beginning June 1, 2018 and price through the close on July 31, 2018.  Bushels must be signed up for this program no later than May 31, 2018.  Confirmation of bushels must be signed and returned as early as possible.
  • No margin requirements
  • No need to constantly monitor the market
  • Removes the emotion from the market
  • All Bushels will be priced in this program
  • Bushel amount is determined by the producer
  • Basis will be locked in on the final day of pricing for cash contracts
  • HTA contract for futures only
  • Program is free for all Priced Cash contracts
Prairie Creek Grain Company, Inc. cannot and does not make any guarantee that the prices the producer will receive under this agreement will be higher than what the producer could have received had he/she marketed their own grain.  Producer also has the option of stopping the pricing at any time while the program is still pricing.  He then would receive a contract for the bushels priced for the price as of that day's average.  He also has the ability to price the balance out of the program that day on the remaining bushels to be priced and the contract average price will be adjusted according to that day's sale.  For further information, questions or concerns please contact Cathy Chismarick, Cassie Siedentop or Morgen Africa @ 815-423-6604, Brett Blaser @ 708-258-3928 and/or Jake Payne @ 815-426-2766.
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